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Clear Green Open Water Ocean Seascape Oil Painting Decor on Canvas

About Rosie - Artist based in Devon, UK

Rosie Rowell is an artist residing in Torbay, Devon. Having always been creative, she pursued her dream by earning a 1st Class Degree in Painting, Drawing and Printmaking in 2020.

Rosie's art journey is deeply intertwined with her love for the ocean. She finds endless inspiration in the ever-changing beauty of the sea, using primarily oil paints, (but sometimes acrylics and watercolours!) to capture its essence. Whether it's the energy of crashing waves or the calm serenity of tranquil shores, the ocean continues to inspire her every day.

Rosie's career as an artist took off towards the end of 2021, after sharing her art on social media whilst working in education full time. Rosie's passion for pursuing a career as an artist drove her to keep sharing her art in the hopes it would be seen by people who loved the ocean as much as she does. 

Since then, Rosie has sold hundreds of original paintings and prints to clients worldwide, including many custom commissions (which she loves to create!)


She now spends her days dedicated to painting in her studio, continuing to follow her dream of being a full-time artist.

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