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Enquire below for your own ocean or seascape painting! 

Ocean Artist Rosie Rowell side by side with a large seascape complimented by a purple horizon sky on large canvas.
My commissions are currently open! A little about the process...

I am able to produce ocean & seascape paintings catered to your own preference of size, colour etc. I am happy to work from your own photography! If you would like a particular photo you have taken to be painted simply send it to me via email or on Instagram and we can take your ideas further. 

After we have discussed the details of your painting, I can then give a price and a time frame.

I keep you updated with pictures and discussion throughout the entire process of creating your painting. The process is very open so don't hesitate to contact me for progress photos.

I request a 20% non-refundable deposit before starting work on commissions. You will be sent an invoice with the amount and as soon as the deposit is paid I can get to work with your painting!

Once your commission has started, I ask for a 48 hour response time to keep the process running smoothly and to the stated time frame. Upon completion of your commission, you are given 7 days to pay your final invoice - once this has been paid I then start all necessary prep to send your art to you! 

If you are interested in requesting a commissioned piece please fill out my contact form below. I look forward to hearing from you! 
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Thanks for submitting!

I’m blown away! They look so beautiful! Today I handed the paintings to my friend and she is in love too!

Tatjana B - Berlin, Germany

happy customers holding their custom commissioned purple ocean open water oil painting with dolphins on the surface of the water.

I love it so much!!!


The sky is beautiful and reminds me a lot of how the sun sets over Swansea bay. Plus, the detail you’ve put into the water is breathtaking


Seriously, this is absolutely perfect. It’s even more beautiful than what I had in mind!

Natalie C - London, UK

sunset orange sky open ocean oil painting on squared canvas.
monochromatic dark blue open water ocean waves oil painting on round canvas

My painting arrived yesterday! It's going to be a great addition to my gallery of ocean art - I'm thrilled with it!

Rachel M - California, USA

seascape sand dune beach oil painting on paper

I love it! It looks so good!

Thank you so much!

Jeff S - Georgia, USA

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